Can you rewire your brain to happiness?

Surfing through Twitter earlier today I found a tweet from one of those “Fact” accounts that said you can train/teach your brain to be happy.

My question is this, does it actually work?

Here’s the tweet in question:

I love the idea that you can “rewire” your brain. Even better is that it is simple and doesn’t really require me to do much. If only more things in life were like that.

And its relatively quick as well, 21 days or just three weeks. I would of thought it would of taken a lot longer to “rewire” the brain but OK. Kind of worrying really if the brain really can be “rewired” that quickly.

So has anyone ever tried anything like this? If so did it work? What three things are you grateful for did you think off? Can they be the same thing each day or do they have to be three different things each day?

I’m going to try it myself and see if it has any effect. Now I just need to think of three things I’m grateful for. That could take a while.

I’ll do a review of my progress in a weeks time.

5 thoughts on “Can you rewire your brain to happiness?”

  1. LOL… I’m sure you’ll come up with three.

    I’ve heard the same thing about our food preferences.

    I think part of the change, is being aware that you’re trying to make a change. I’m grateful for… 1) the people around me who I love and care about, especially those who love me back, 2) music, need I say more and 3) the opportunity to combine my love of music and my new found love of photography on a regular basis.

    Thanks for asking.

    1. Those are three good choices of things to be grateful for.
      And that makes sense as to why it would work, making your brain and yourself aware of the changes you want to make.

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