Five Word Challenge: Week 4 – A bad nights sleep

Here it is, my story for week 4 of the Five Word Challenge and it continues the adventures of Darius Von Doom. I really enjoyed writing about the character last week so I decided to carry it on this week. I might use him regularly.

The five words this week were:

  1. Lunch
  2. City
  3. Silver
  4. Sign
  5. Sleep


Darius Von Doom couldn’t sleep. He had been trying for hours but to no avail, he just laid in his bed tossing and turning. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened with Captain Fantastic last week, his plan to impress the League of Evil had been going so well until that smug git had shown up. Then he had just ran away like a coward without even putting up a fight, he just dropped his gun and ran away.

“Curse Captain Fantastic” Darius thought as he rolled over in his bed to look at the alarm clock on his bedside table. It read 4:23am. “Oh great” he thought “if I fall asleep now I can get a little over two and a half hours sleep before I need to get up at seven”. He rolled back over and tried to get comfortable so that he could get some sleep. After several minutes of just laying still in his bed he threw off his duvet.

“Fine. Fine I’ll get up. I’m clearly not getting any sleep tonight” he spat into the darkness of his bedroom. “I may as well try and get some work done in the workshop”.

He rolled out of his bed onto the floor before slowly getting up and staggering into the shower. After he showered he got dressed into the old pair of jeans and torn T-shirt he always wore when he was tinkering about in his workshop.

“Right let’s have a bit of music shall we?” he said as he stood over the main workbench. On the little computer interface that he had built into the desk he began to scan through all of his music before he came across Queen. “I could go with a bit of Queen” he said still speaking to himself. “I really need an assistant or minion”.

Darius began to hammer away at the project on his workbench in time to the music as he danced and sang along. “I want to break freeeeeee”. Tink tink tink as he hammered away.

After a couple of hours he looked at the clock hanging on the wall,it read 7:34am. “Right I better leave this here and have another shower before I go and meet Kirsty in the city” he thought.

Having had a second shower and getting dressed slightly nicer but still keeping it very casual Darius headed into the city. He still wasn’t sure why Kirsty wanted to meet him for lunch, she was always sending him mixed signals, but he decided to go along with it and hope she would send him a clear sign for once. “Ha. Not likely” he thought.

Darius was sat in the corner of the pub nursing a pint reading a newspaper waiting for Kirsty to arrive. “Just typical of her. Out of all the skills she posses’ time keeping is not one of them”. He thought to himself as he looked over at the door.

An hour after they had arranged to meet Kirsty came strutting into the pub, after a moment of looking around she spotted Darius sitting in the corner. She waved at him as she walked over to him. “Why are you sat in the corner?” she asked as she sat down opposite him.

“I don’t know to be honest. I just always do, stops people from being able to sneak up on me” he answered with a shrug.

“I guess that makes sense” she said looking around the pub.

They sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes before Kirsty finally broke the silence. “So I saw you on the news”.

“Oh?” Darius said looking up at her.

“Yeah. You were running away from Captain Fantastic. He didn’t even put a hand on you” she said with a grin.

“Oh” Darius replied looking down at the table.

“Hey chin up” she replied putting a hand under his chin and lifting his head. “I’m not here to mock, although I easily could. I’ve got an offer for you. A silver lining as it were for what happened last week”.

Darius took a moment to study her before asking “what kind of offer?”

“A job offer” she said sitting back confidently in her chair.

“What kind of job offer?” he asked taking a sip of his pint.

“Well it’s more of a partnership than a job offer” she replied leaning forward “let’s be honest, alone we are both hopeless and aren’t going to get anywhere. We are nobodys, we’ll just keep getting overlooked, and we’ll just keep getting beaten by the heroes. But together, together we might stand more of chance”.

Darius finished his pint and sat for a moment studying her while thinking over her offer. After a couple of moments he finally spoke. “I’ll think about it Kirsty”.

“Somehow I knew that would be your response” she said smiling “don’t trust me? Worried I might backstab you? Not sure of my abilities? What? What is it?”

“Honestly it’s a mixed of all of them” Darius replied calmly.

“OK, good to know. Good to know what I need to work on. I will do something this week to show off what I can do, what I can offer you, and prove to you that this is a good idea” she said as she got up and walked out of the pub.

“Well goodbye to you too” Darius said as he sat that watching her walk out of the pub. After a couple of minutes he packed up his stuff and left as well. Back at his super secret lair he spent a few more hours in his workshop before deciding to call it a night and climb into bed.

As he lay in bed he began tossing and turning struggling to get to sleep as he kept thinking about everything Kirsty had said to him earlier today at lunch. “Oh come on not again!”



I might use next week’s challenge to do Kirsty’s story of trying to impress Darius. It all depends on what the words are.


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