Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

The daily prompt today is called The Mirror Crack’d and it asks;

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

First of why is it ‘Crack’d’ and not ‘cracked’? Am I missing something? Is it some kind of reference I’m not getting?

OK now onto how not having mirrors would change my life. Simply put it wouldn’t change my life. Whew well that was simple. I’m glad that’s over.

No mirrors, no problem. Just use a webcam to comb your hair. Works just as well as a mirror.

Boom solved.

It wouldn’t change my routine and it wouldn’t change my perception of myself. I am not vain.

I would be more concerned about whatever force has the ability to make all the mirrors in the world disappear. Like if someone or something can make every mirror disappear what else can they do? Could they make all people of a certain race, gender, or nationality disappear? Or make every blue eyed person disappear? How do we stop this power/force/being? What does it want? What is it going to do with the mirrors? Why is no one else freaking out?

Someone has come into my house and stolen my mirrors! They have come into my house while I’m sleeping and taken all my mirrors. Like what the fuck. Why have they only stolen my mirrors!? How did they get into my house?

Why is the person who asked this question only concerned with how it affects their daily routine? Why are they worried about how they will perceive themselves (like what the hell)? All the mirrors in the world have just disappeared!?!?!? No one cares that you can’t spend six hours a day in front of a mirror admiring yourself to massage your vanity and ego the Earth could be in serious trouble!

We done here? I think we are. Have a nice day everyone.

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