Daily Prompt: Pains and Gains

Today’s daily prompt is called Pains and Gains and it asks;

Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship?

Oh I feel the need to be picky again. What is greatness? What does it mean to be great? What kind of pain? What sort of hardship? You need to be clearer about these things.

I have a friend who is quite good on the guitar and can play things by ear. He’s never had a guitar lesson and he’s only now just learning how to read music. I think that counts as greatness without hardship.

Some people can just do things like. And those people are called complete and utter bastards!

I’m joking. But some people do just have natural talents which gives them a certain level of greatness. Although with practice and effort they can further develop their skill/talent.

It’s said that you need to put in something like 10,000 hours of effort into a skill to become an expert at it, I’d say that counts as considerable hardship. I’m not sure how true that is but if I keep writing the daily prompt everyday it’ll take a long bloody time before I become an expert at them.

Still I always think there is room for improvement. Maybe that’s the point of the hardship part? Even if you do have a natural ability you still need to put in some effort to keep developing.


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