Daily Prompt: A Bookish Choice – An easy choice

Today’s daily prompt is called A Bookish Choice and it asks;

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?

It’s not really a difficult choice is it. Option number two please witchy.

I enjoy writing. I really really do even if sometime it seems as if I don’t or if its a bit of a struggle. In fact if you check out my Five Word Challenge you will see that I have set up my own weekly writing challenge, that you are all free to join me in, to help me improve my writing and to force me to actually finish the stories I start. Normally I get end up getting distracted and start a new story leaving the old one.

But I don’t write to create some masterpiece that will be studied for years to come. I’ve never really enjoyed books like that. No I like writing things that I would enjoy reading, fun stories, great adventures, interesting characters. So long as you enjoyed the story while it lasted that is the important thing in my opinion.

So option two please.


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