Five Word Challenge: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Five Word Challenge. This week’s five words have just been drawn of the ‘Mystery Box of Words” and I have to say we have five very very good words again. Lot’s of potential.

If you want you can go back and check out week 1 of the challenge go for it.

If you want to you read the three responses you can;

FLIPPYZIPFLOP Week 1: 5 Word Challenge

My first story – Going to work

My second story

Onto this week’s five words, they are;

  1. Ancient
  2. Gateway
  3. Metal
  4. Cat
  5. Politics

So what can we make from all this?

An ancient race of cat people?

An ancient gateway made out of a weird metal that leads to cats?

A weird metal that leads to the construction of an gateway that leads to an ancient civilisation of cats?

Yeah as you can see my mind is really going with a sci-fi type theme for this one.

Remember if you do the challenge and you want to share what you’ve done to add a link to this page for a pingback. Good luck.


15 thoughts on “Five Word Challenge: Week 2”

  1. Already composing the story in my head… THIS one’s going to be fun!! Challenging, but fun. Can’t wait to get started, but no electronics on the weekend makes it rather difficult. I’ll submit mine tomorrow. And possibly another on Tuesday and another on Wednesday… 🙂 Love the idea, and I really hope more people jump on board with this.

    1. Hopefully in time more people will, until then it makes great practice and its fun. And yeah write as many things as you like, I found it hard to pick between ideas so end up writing two last time.

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