Five Word Challenge: Week 1 – Going to work (story 1)

Here is my story for week 1 of the Five Word Challenge. I really really wish I had started this earlier in the week instead of leaving it to the last minute. But hey it’s what I always do.

The five words to include are;

  • Phone
  • Horror
  • Travel
  • Ship
  • Office

It was Monday morning and Mark was tapping his foot impatiently as he stood at the terminal on the edge of the river. He was waiting for the ship to arrive that would transport him across the river where he could then catch a bus and continue his morning travel to his office.

His daily work travel was going to be a nightmare now that the only remaining open bridge had collapsed, the other two were still closed for repairs. Apparently they had found some signs of structural damage on the underside of the bridge but beyond that not much had been released.

The fact that government were keeping quiet about what had happened to the bridge to cause it to collapse, helped fuel the speculation. There were all kinds of wild theories being discussed, especially in the pubs after people had had a few drinks. Trolls, goblins, gremlins, and even aliens seemed to be amongst the favourite theories being talked about.

Then there were the odd stories people were spouting about seeing and hearing strange things down by the river. The number of people who were saying that they saw some strange figure hiding in the shadows before jumping into the water and disappearing when people approached it were increasing.

Mark didn’t believe any of it, “Why would aliens want to collapse a bridge?” he thought, “is it some kind of alien conspiracy to inconvenience humans and their daily routines to test how humans will adapt?”  Mark had a little snigger at that. “No”, he thought “the reason the bridge collapsed was because of a lack of maintenance and funding. That is also why the government are keeping quiet, they should of been making sure it was safe. Don’t want that getting out during an election year”.

As for the strange sightings Mark put it down to people being sheep. One person says they see something and then everyone else starts thinking they saw it and it spreads like wildfire. It’s people watching too many horror films and letting their imaginations run wild.

Mark looked out across the river, the morning fog was so thick that he couldn’t see the far side, making it impossible to see where the ship was. “Where the hell is that ship?” Mark said out loud as he began pacing up and down at the terminal.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, it read 8:20am meaning he had to be at work in 40 minutes, if the ship arrived in the next five minutes he could still make it but it would be cutting it rather close, he would only have a couple of minutes to spare. He had been late into the office everyday since the bridge had collapsed and his boss was beginning to get annoyed at him for it.

Mark heard a loud splash out on the river. however the fog prevented him from being able to see where or what it is. The hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand up as he got the feeling that he was being watched. Mark started to subtly look around, to try and see if someone was watching him without it looking like he was looking for the source, that is when Mark realised that he was alone at the terminal.

Even though it was rush hour and there should of been loads of people rushing about travelling to work, Mark was stood there completely alone.

There was another splashing sound from the river. Mark now was really beginning to get scared, he began to look around frantically not caring how obvious it was.

Just as he felt that he was about to be grabbed the ship to transport people across the river came into view. Mark left out a huge sigh of relief as he edged closer to the barrier to let him onto the ship.

As he leaned up against the railing he looked down into the water, there he saw a sight that took his breath away, staring up at him from the water was a monstrosity that he had never seen before. It leaped up out of the water and pulled him over the railing into the water.

The ship arrived at the empty terminal where several passengers got off to continue their travels to work. before the ship left and began its travel back across the river.


This is probably the first time I’ve seen a story out to the end. I think it started off OK but that I struggled as the story went along. Any comments or feedback anyone has is great. Hopefully my writing will improve as the Five Word Challenge continues.

Check back tomorrow for the second draw.


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