Five Word Challenge: Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Five Word Challenge. I’ve just drawn out the five lucky words that we will be using this week.

The five words are;

  1. Phone
  2. Horror
  3. Travel
  4. Ship
  5. Office

That is a rather interesting choice.

You could horror as your theme. A horror story set in the office of a ship maybe? The phone’s don’t work so you can’t get any help on your travels.

Or how about the horror of your phone dying as you travel to the office where you work by ship?

Or travelling from a ship to an office to get the only working phone across a city filled with monsters?

Phone could be either a mobile (cell) phone or a landline phone or even a squeaky toy phone that you give to a dog or small child.

I’m not sure what I am going to do just yet, but by the looks of my initial thoughts it might have a bit of a horror theme.

Remember to link to this post for a pingback and good luck with your writing, I look forward to see what you all make of it.

16 thoughts on “Five Word Challenge: Week 1”

  1. Please disregard my previous comment, as I am extremely impatient. I’m writing the 5 words down, and I’ll post my piece as soon as I’m finished, leaving a ping back. AWESOME idea!! Sound fun!!

      1. LOL Okay. How about, Peace, Love, Happiness, as well as some negative feelings as well, such as anger, despise, hate? Maybe you already did… just a thought.

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