Daily Prompt: Odd Trio Redux – A little story

Today’s daily prompt is called Odd Trio Redux and it asks;

Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

Ah bloody hell. I always prefer being given a topic. I struggle so often to think of one. It was like at uni, the hardest essays were when we had to pick our own topics and make up our own questions. You would think it’s easier, it’s not, you get spoilt for choice.

So we need to include a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise. Why just a slice of cake? Why not the whole thing? And just because someone is old doesn’t mean they are wise, you quite often find old people are the most bigoted falling back on the nonsense excuse of them “being from another generation”.  Also what qualifies as old? A 10-year-old amongst a group of 6-year-olds is probably seen as old and wise.

Fine here we go. Story time.

A group of nine young kids at the park have spotted a pair of flip-flops high up in a tree, they gather around below the tacky shoes and begin arguing on how to get them down and who should be allowed to keep them. After several minutes of arguing that has slowly been getting louder and angrier they decide to search the park to find someone old and wise who will know what to do.

The kids begin running around the park frantically trying to find someone who can help them, when one of them spots 14-year-old Jacob sat at a picnic table about to eat a slice of cake.

They all run up to Jacob and begin asking him for help simultaneously. Jacob sighs looking at his gorgeous bit of double chocolate cake that his sister had spent all day yesterday baking for him. Slowly he turned to look at the kids, they all hushed to listen to his wisdom, Jacob opened his mouth and shouted “piss off you little brats and let me enjoy my cake”.

All the kids run off crying to their mum’s complaining about the mean and nasty Jacob who got to sit in peace and enjoy his cake. The flip-flops remained in the tree.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Odd Trio Redux – A little story”

  1. I just told my wife that I wish that I studied harder and when asked to write something I would hurry write it without much thought! My wife said the teachers might have not been all that good! Perhaps. But I don’t put much blame of them, but on myself. Recently I am trying to learn how to write an interesting sentence or paragraph and come to WordPress since about a year ago I put up a site. Didn’t do much with it…but maybe now is the time. After reading the question of the day and reading several responses, I must thank each of the writers for their attempts to follow directions and write what they do. You have given me hope. Now, where’s my flip flops?

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