Daily Prompt: Sudden Downpour

Today’s daily prompt is called Sudden Downpour and it asks;

It was sunny when you left home, so you didn’t take an umbrella. An hour later, you’re caught in a torrential downpour. You run into the first store you can find — it happens to be a dark, slightly shabby antique store, full of old artifacts, books, and dust. The shop’s ancient proprietor walks out of the back room to greet you. Tell us what happens next!

Didn’t we have something very similar not too long ago?

Let’s see I never carry an umbrella on me so that’s not too difficult to imagine, half the time I don’t even have a coat on.

Why would I run into the nearest shop? I like the rain, I like walking in the rain, odds are I’ve gone out hoping to get in the rain so it would make no sense to run and hide from it. I’d just keep walking, watching and laughing at everyone else running around like headless chickens worried about getting wet.

But fine I go into the antique shop, the proprietor comes out (I think it’s a bit mean to call them ancient just because they work in an antiques shop, antiques are big business).

They say hello, I say hi back, because you don’t want to be rude. They would then most likely ask “can I help you find anything?” because that’s what people always ask you in shops, it’s bloody annoying, why can’t they just leave me alone and let me get on with what I’m doing, if I want help I’ll come and ask.

Of course it’s rude to say that to them, instead I reply “I’m just looking thanks” at which point the response is normally “OK call me if you need anything”. I’m screaming in my head, yeah I want you to sod off, again I can’t say it.

They then walk off to go and do something, I have no idea what, I don’t follow, they probably go and stack things or something. After five or so minutes of looking around the shop I’d probably be bored and go back into the rain and be as happy as I can be (which isn’t very happy but still).

What did they expect to happen? I make a new best friend? I find the love of my life? I find an old wardrobe that leads me to Narnia?


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