Ed Miliband launches Labour’s summer campaign by talking about how weird he is

Ed Miliband today launched Labour’s summer campaign, because you know you got to keep campaigning and rallying support for the party, especially when there is a general election in less than a year and you aren’t as popular as you had hoped.

Some of the stuff he said during the launch, whilst I agree with, I don’t think was wise for him to say.

He has told people that if they want a Prime Minister who could eat a bacon sandwich then they should “vote for the other guy”. It just makes it sound like he is unable to eat a bacon sandwich, like he somehow finds it confusing, do you really want a Prime Minister who is unable to do such a basic task? Of course not, and it never sound smart to tells voters to “vote for the other guy”.

And correct me if I’m wrong didn’t Miliband go into a Gregg’s with Ed Balls and another member of the Labour party to order and eat some food during that whole pasty tax nonsense? What’s that if not a PR and image opportunity.

It seems like he could eat a bacon sandwich if he wanted to and thought it was good for his image, but it isn’t, because there is a very very unflattering photo of him eating a bacon sandwich.

Maybe the photo and the whole failed PR exercise put him off bacon and that’s why we shouldn’t vote for him if we want someone who could eat a bacon sandwich. He’s been hurt by bacon.



He went on to admitting to using “long words” that didn’t make “soundbites” and urged the electorate not to vote for him if they wanted a PM who had a pint down the pub, or hugged huskies.

Basically he doesn’t love animals, isn’t very compassionate, and doesn’t do what most people in this country do, which is go down the pub for a pint now and then?

He wants to be considered normal and to connect with the general public but then tells us not to vote for him if we want someone normal and like us because he’s not like us? Again I’m not sure that is the smartest thing he could say during a campaign, especially when he is considered weird and that is already putting a lot of voters off him.

Of course I don’t mind him using long words, I don’t mind anyone using them (I’ve been known to use them myself from time to time), but as for that part about the soundbites that’s probably more to do with the fact that they haven’t been able to make any good ones yet. Or they are saving them until closer to the election.

One of the more interesting things he said was;

“If you want the politician from central casting, it’s just not me, it’s the other guy. If you want a politician who thinks that a good photo is the most important thing, then don’t vote for me.”

While I agree with this, I don’t think image, good photos, soundbites etc, are the most important thing when looking at which politician to vote for, I think Ed Miliband has been a bit naive about how important they truly are. Like it or not, agree or not, those things matter, those things play a large part in politics.

Of course it’s hard to take him seriously on this issue. Didn’t he recently fly out to the US for a photo opportunity with US President Barack Obama? Didn’t he hire Barack Obama’s campaign manager to help with his campaign ahead of next year’s general election? Doesn’t that make this whole thing a bit of a lie?

He has used this launch to give a speech playing down how weird and odd he is, isn’t that trying to improve his image? You know the very thing he say’s doesn’t matter and he doesn’t care about?

Miliband wanted to use this speech to show that he is different, that he doesn’t care about his image and instead prefers to focus on principles, ideas, and policy, but in doing so has made it all about his image and how weird he comes across. Oh the irony.

Source Sky News


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