Daily Prompt: On Bees and Efs

The daily prompt today is titled On Bees and Efs and it asks us;

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).

Oh goodie another stupid one.

Why does Best Friend have to be singular here? What about layers of friendship?

Going from those people that you talk to before and after classes but whose phone numbers (and social media crap I guess) you don’t have, if you saw them when you are out and about you’d say hi and talk for 5 minutes but that’s it on one end.

And on the other end you have like best/closest friends who you basically see all the time, you live on each others sofas, live together, split bills etc.

Then in-between you have all kinds of different layers. People you try to see once a month, people you only see on big nights out, that guy that is seeing that girl who basically locks him up in a dungeon so you only get to see once a year on his birthday but he’s a really cool guy who you would hang out with more often should you get the chance.

Yeah of course some people’s friendship matters more, how close you are, how long you’ve known them, shit you’ve been through together. I just don’t think it is necessarily singular.

As for story time? Not today I’m afraid kids. It looks like there is about to be a thunder storm so I am going to go for a lovely walk in the rain.

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